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FDDI Degree - The Footwear Design and Development Institute Bill, 2017

More and more students are getting interested in pursuing an alternative career, one such career is a career in the footwear industry. With an increasing demand for footwear there are more and more avenues for youth. In order to make this possible FDDI institute has helped the youth of India a great deal by providing them with a FDDI degree which is recognised both in India as well as abroad.

It was seen that a very high number of students who managed to acquire the FDDI degree were able to be recruited and have had a very successful career. In fact the footwear industry employs 30% of women in its manufacturing unit and people who are skilled but not educated are also involved in production and manufacturing of leather goods.

With the FDDI bill coming up the FDDI degree will be able to help the uneducated by skilled craftsmen to learn new and modern technology which would help them perform even better.

Shri Gajendrasingh Shekhawat's in his latest speech regarding the FDDI bill reinstated that this bill will protect the student if there happens to be a problem which happened in the past. Not only it will put a full stop to make it a deemed university but it will protect the future of this industry and students. It will also foster the industry in all its domain, the governing council can also be formed which has been stated in this bill in order to foster growth in the field of leather goods. The government of India preaches minimum government maximum governance which the FDDI bill help attain in case of the leather industry.


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